May 18, 2017

Thank you for a successful 2017 Commencement

Dear Colleagues,

Last Saturday’s Commencement ceremonies were an opportunity for the USJ community to demonstrate the respect and hospitality that are two of our core values. Thanks to the actions of many faculty and staff, our guests and students will be able to look back on that special day with the fondest memories of USJ. The campus looked beautiful thanks to the Facilities staff; the smallest of organizational details worked out perfectly thanks to the Commencement Planning Committee; and even parking wasn’t a problem thanks to the planning of Public Safety. Beyond all of that, there were many acts of individual kindness: from the sharing of umbrellas, to taking the time to ensure that students who arrived late got to the right spot, to helping elderly family members maneuver through the crowds.

Thank you to everyone who was here on Saturday to congratulate the graduates and welcome their families and friends to our lovely campus. Our honorary degree recipients, the Trustees, and the many guests I spoke to acknowledged and were grateful for the kindness, professionalism, and hospitality of our faculty and staff.

Most sincerely,