March 17, 2017

Graduate Assistantship (GA) Rationale Request Form

If you are interested in applying to have a GA for the 2017-2018 AY, please complete the attached form and return it to [email protected].

Graduate Assistantship (GA) Rationale Request Form


March 24, 2017 – Rationale Request Forms due

April 2017 – Review process; Notification of awards

May 2017 – GA application process is open

June 2017 – Interviews take place; Request to Appoint forms are due (Summer II Start)

July 28, 2017 – Request to Appoint forms are due for August 2017 Start

Graduate Assistantship Program Details

A. Purpose Statement

The goal of the Graduate Assistantship Program is to provide mutually beneficial assistance to matriculatedgraduate students and to the allocated departments by providing appointed Graduate Assistants with tuition assistance or financial stipend, and the opportunity to obtain valuable academic and workplace experience.

B. Program Specifics

Graduate Assistantships are offered on a full-time or half-time basis for the academic year. A full-time assistantship requires a total of 480 hours of service to be completed and a half-time assistantship requires a totalof 240 hours of service to be completed. That total number of hours of service is then compartmentalized into some combination of the four eligible working semesters that make up the academic year: summer II (July-August), fall, spring, and summer I (May-June.) There is a single semester maximum of 240 hours of service for full-time assistantships or 120 hours of service for half-time assistantships.

Note: Working hours and responsibilities are determined by the assistantship supervisor withinthe department to which the Graduate Assistant has been appointed.

Contact: Tuesday L. Cooper, J.D., Ed.D., Graduate Services Coordinator, or [email protected] or 860.231.5651.