January 11, 2017

Message from the Department of Public Safety Regarding the Deployment of Lockdown Magnets

On Monday February 13. 2017, the Department of Public Safety will begin deploying Lockdown Magnets in all classrooms and conference rooms on the West Hartford campus. This procedure will enable the University to keep all doors on campus locked in the event of an emergency that would require a lockdown.

These magnets will allow students, faculty and staff to have easy access to classrooms and conference rooms when the University is open. With this procedure when classrooms are opened in the morning, the door will remain locked, but a magnet will be placed on the door frame which will allow the door to be opened and closed.

In the unlikely event of an emergency requiring a lockdown, anyone in a classroom can remove the magnet from the door frame and shut the door, thereby securing that room.

I realize that this procedure may be new to some and it will require a little getting used to. There may also be some glitches where classroom doors might be locked without a magnet. If you find a room locked please contact Public Safety so that we can open the room properly. I would like to thank everyone in advance for your understanding and patience as we begin this new process. This is one of those little changes that will make our campus that much safer.